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The Difference Markers Make and A Kitsune Wedding

So, for this past Sketch-A-Week, I posted a version of Lilly Fowler that I colored using the colored pencils I had on hand. I had a very limited pallet and feel like the final product was so-so. As such, and … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 6

Another week, another day of laundry, and another sketch. Today while drawing in the laund-ro-mat, one of the customers took the time to compliment the drawing I was working on. I said thank you and reveled in the fact that … Continue reading

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The Tanuki of Green Temple

    Once, there was a tanuki that wandered deep into the mountains. He came across a temple that had been long forgotten by men and decided to make it his home. The tanuki was lazy, so he did very little … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 4

This week I went for 2 large figures and came up with this: I think that this week, I will write the 500-1,000 word story of how this tanuki wound up in this predicament. As the words read: “Deep in … Continue reading

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 1: Yourself

So, while I do not profess to be a great (or even passably competent) illustrator, I do enjoy drawing and I never do it enough. Of course, there are about 40,000 things I never get to do enough, so there’s … Continue reading

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Kenta Mifune (Thing-A-Week 3)

Aside from writing short stories, I also enjoy playing roleplaying games. My favourites are Dungeons & Dragons and the varied World of Darkness games. Frequently, I run the games, but as of late, I have found myself on the players’ … Continue reading

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El Monstruo: Life Without the Mask (Part Nine)

How many alarms are in this place anyway? I asked myself the question aloud, and was hardly able to hear my voice above the din. Despite the deafening screams of the sirens strewn about the Dunwich Museum of Oriental Antiquities. … Continue reading

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