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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 11: Your Favorite Food as a Gift from the Gods

It is no secret that my favorite food is a hamburger. It is Christmas morning and I’m in my green nightshirt. Thor and Sif give me the gift of a hamburger while Odin gazes on, dressed as Santa Claus, and … Continue reading

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A Quick Art Post

While waiting for my most recent Playstation Network purchase to download, I decided I could seize a moment to post a couple things. First is a color version of last week’s sketch. I am happy with it, though I would … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 22

The other week my friend Robyn shared the fact that her daughter was playing with both Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir. She also shared that her daughter wanted a cloak. Inspired, I created this while at laundry: I … Continue reading

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