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Krampusnacht 2013

It is once again St. Nicholas Eve, also known as Krampusnacht. Over the last couple of years, I have made it a point to put up something Krampus related. As such, I decided to make a new Krampus poem. Here … Continue reading

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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I haven’t always celebrated St. Nicholas Day, but a few years back, Sarah and I decided that it would be fun to do so, and as such, I’ve found that I love the day. I think of it as a … Continue reading

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The Krampus

The good children rest,
All snuggled in bed
While the bad ones are
Beaten by Krampus instead.

He stalks the long night
With his chains all a-rattle
Shepherding sinners
Like blubbery cattle

He birches the naughty,
But spares the good
On his yearly travel
Through your neighborhood

When Saint Nicholas knocks,
The good children will sing,
He’ll smile and nod
And give them some thing

But if they are bad.
The Krampus arrives,
And it is into his sack
For the rest of their lives.

So beware of the Krampus!
Don’t do bad things.
Take it from me:
His hazel rod stings. Continue reading

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