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My Friends as Monsters, Entry 4

One of my friends replied that if they were a monster, they would be a gnome. I tossed it around in my head: is a gnome really a monster? They’re usually pretty helpful little chaps that keep to themselves – … Continue reading

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My Friends as Monsters, Entry 2

After posting yesterday’s “Friends as Monsters” I decided that I need to take my time a bit more. Last night, I rushed. Tonight, I took my time. It also helps that it is Friday night/Saturday morning, so I don’t really … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 7

So, I’ve been considering the idea of a monsters of the world coloring book as a gift a bit more seriously. As such, I’ve started to consider what Western monsters would be good inclusions. The Cyclops was the first to … Continue reading

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 1: Yourself

So, while I do not profess to be a great (or even passably competent) illustrator, I do enjoy drawing and I never do it enough. Of course, there are about 40,000 things I never get to do enough, so there’s … Continue reading

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Numbers on the Wall (Part Two, Ending Version 2)

The following piece of fiction contains bizarre and digusting images. Reader discretion is advised. Roger locked the door to his efficency apartment. He threw off his coat and almost mangled his tie as he yanked it free of its double … Continue reading

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