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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 7: Someone Famous That You Admire Satirized…

**Takes deep breath** Someone famous that you admire satirized using the reason you admire them most (Example: Carl Sagan as a mad scientist) That’s a long title, and a hard one to live up to. Here I go: The figure … Continue reading

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Welcome to Lovecraft Country

Welcome to Lovecraft Country is a playset that I made for Bully Pulpit Games‘ Fiasco. I have been wanting to create something that I could share with the wide-world of role-players, and finally settled on an homage to one of … Continue reading

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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 26: Something Old

What is older than Cthulhu, the terrible god that lies sleeping in the depths, entombed in ancient R’lyeh? Not much. This is actually a fairly small sculpture that I purchased at a Ren Faire in 2005. Unfortunately, I do not … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 12

I am continuing my re-reading of several Lovecraft stories and have just finished “The Dunwich Horror”.  As such, I had one Wilbur Whateley on my mind. I had a hard time with having both “chinless” and “goatish”, so I decided … Continue reading

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Back on that HP Lovecraft Kick, right? (Also Known as Sketch-A-Week, Week 10)

“Not back on it Joe. Still on it.” So, I am currently reading and re-reading some of Lovecraft’s short stories and I came across one that I haven’t read before called “The Nameless City”. It is about an explorer who … Continue reading

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