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Magical Mina: A Day at the Beach

“You’re better than a big sister,” confessed Sandy. The child’s words filled Mina’s heart to bursting, forcing a smile onto her face. She knew that Sandy had gotten attached to her, but had no idea how much. “Thanks,” answered Mina, … Continue reading

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Am I Magical?

Howdy folks! I’ve been busy over the past few months and weeks working on my newest novella: Am I Magical?. What’s it about? Here’s the synopsis: “Bill is a shut-in that lives off of the money his parents left him, and … Continue reading

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Like Rabbits

Hello there folks! This past week had been a miserable series of five days. Bent on salvaging something good from the wreckage of the week, I decided to test the waters of self-publishing. As such, I’m happy to announce that … Continue reading

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Gemütlich is my newest short story. It is about Thomas, whose wife has arranged a birthday party. Unfortunately, Thomas is a bit of an introvert, and the party, which should be enjoyable, becomes nothing but a reminder of his painful … Continue reading

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New Story

Since it is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), it is time for me to buck the trend and write something shorter than a novel and longer than a short story. Two years ago, I wrote an Urban Fantasy novella called … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge: Fabliau 8.25.2012

This year’s final One Thousand Word Challenge story blew past the 1,000 word mark because the image (http://s26.photobucket.com/albums/c117/missmissie/art%20photography/1000%20words%20folder/?action=view&current=DSCF2414.jpg) from my good friend ~M inspired me to do something I’ve been wanting to do, and that is to write a Fabliau. … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge: Freiheit Brücke (Freedom Bridge)

When I saw this picture from Roz, I knew that I would be writing a story set in the Tower World. Put on something suitable for your station in life, for we’re off to visit the past of the future … Continue reading

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