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Geeklife: GeekDollars, and How They are Spent

Budget is one of my least favorite words. It has connotations of limits and responsibility. As a man-child, I hate these things, but as a responsible adult with other motivations than those of my GeekLife, I need to adhere to … Continue reading

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The Geek on a Budget, Entry 1: Perspective

It can be difficult to establish and stick to a budget. If you are doing things right, you see your savings growing weekly, and the temptation to spend your every excess dime grips you with the tenacity of a baboon … Continue reading

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 8: Close Your Eyes, Draw A Batman

I was looking forward to this so that I could see how terrible it would come out. I had started by drawing a foundation circle for the head, figuring that I’d anchor my hand in place if I could reference … Continue reading

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30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 20: What I Read

I had a hard time picking which photo I liked for today’s photo-a-day, and landed on this one: I wasn’t 100% sure about this one, as it is the cover and only the cover, but then again, I like it … Continue reading

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Comics Tuesday: Chicken With Plums

This Man is About to Die Marjane Satrapi is the author of Persepolis, which made my expectations of Chicken with Plums a bit high. Happily, my expectations were met. We are treated to Satrapi’s black and white art, which always makes me think … Continue reading

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The Triumphant Return of Comics Tuesday: Asterios Polyp

Asterios Polyp is one of those comic books that pushes boundaries. I like comics like that. It is written and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, who, I am told, “has making comics all of his life.” By reading this book, I can tell … Continue reading

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Comics Tuesday: DareDevil: The Man Without Fear #44: I, Murderer

This is the oldest comic from my collection that I have readily available, and as soon as you open it, you know that you’re in a totally different era of comics. This story actually flowed from Smilin’ Stan Lee himself, which … Continue reading

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Comics Tuesday: The Uncanny X-Men #187: Wraithkill!

This is the third week of my comics reviewing career, and I think this might be the worst comic I have read yet. What makes this comic terrible? Too much and too little. If I start at the beginning, it … Continue reading

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Comics Tuesday: The Mighty Thor, Vol 1, #330: The Coming of the Crusader

I have long loved this comic, and its cover. Unlike Moon Knight last week, there is no poetic liscense being applied here: this is the story in one picture, with two lines of text. We really get all we need … Continue reading

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