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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 12: A Superhero

Last year, I drew Hellboy for the first time. This year, I’m drawing him again: I found it VERY difficult to adjust this picture so that it looked kind of like the original. The version in my pad is nowhere … Continue reading

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Sketch-A-Week, Week 6

Another week, another day of laundry, and another sketch. Today while drawing in the laund-ro-mat, one of the customers took the time to compliment the drawing I was working on. I said thank you and reveled in the fact that … Continue reading

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Comics Tuesday: DareDevil: The Man Without Fear #44: I, Murderer

This is the oldest comic from my collection that I have readily available, and as soon as you open it, you know that you’re in a totally different era of comics. This story actually flowed from Smilin’ Stan Lee himself, which … Continue reading

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