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Hanging Out with The Master

I will make no attempts at disguising the fact that one of my all time favorite movies is a terrible, Z-grade film called Manos: The Hands of Fate. I was first exposed to Manos via the program known as Mystery … Continue reading

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Boardgame Review: Elder Sign

I was happy to receive a copy of Fantasy Flight’s game, Elder Sign as a Christmas gift from one of my longtime friends. The game is often touted as a fast and easy-to-learn version of Arkham Horror, and I think … Continue reading

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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I haven’t always celebrated St. Nicholas Day, but a few years back, Sarah and I decided that it would be fun to do so, and as such, I’ve found that I love the day. I think of it as a … Continue reading

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Caturday into Sunday, as Days Roll On

  Today, Sarah was taking a picture of Cole’s toes for her Photo-a-Day for November and I decided to horn in and take a portrait of my little buddy. I’ve been continuing work on my novelette, so little new work … Continue reading

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Some Cats I Know

I’ve been fixated on cats walking on their hind legs lately. Here are a few cats that I know walking on their hind legs: I was torn about coloring in this one, and started hashing on the cat on the … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a happy and fun-filled Halloween! Whether you are partying with friends, curling up with a good horror movie, or taking the kids trick-or-treating, I hope your holiday is enjoyable. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, I encourage you to … Continue reading

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 17: A Demon or Devil Without Lifting Your Pen

I was really tempted to do a sketch, then ink it with only a single line. While that easily falls within the day’s parameters, I felt like it was going against the spirit of this particular challenge. And so, I … Continue reading

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