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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 11: Your Favorite Food as a Gift from the Gods

It is no secret that my favorite food is a hamburger. It is Christmas morning and I’m in my green nightshirt. Thor and Sif give me the gift of a hamburger while Odin gazes on, dressed as Santa Claus, and … Continue reading

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30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 3: Your Favorite Food

There is no food greater than the cheeseburger. There are several foods that I like, and some that I love. However, the cheeseburger is something special. It comes with fries and it is easy to eat. It is a simple … Continue reading

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Bedecked in Bleu

This has been a fairly stressful week for me. My laptop, my creative home, has gone kaput. Happily, I have a friend (Derrick Bergeron, of New Tribal Films fame) who is going to help me out a bit, and others … Continue reading

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