About the Author

I was born in the city of Woonsocket. The word Woonsocket means “Thundering Mist” in the language of the people that used to live here. Woonsocket is a city, but a small one; they say that it is a city with the heart of a town. It is also a city that is slowly dying from a combination of mismanagement and the current economic crisis.

The city has a wide variety of places to buy pizza and Chinese food, and if you like Dunkin’ Donuts, we have a few of them. What Woonsocket lacks (and has lacked for a long time) is a book store, which strikes me as strange: I’m an author from a city which lacks a book store. There used to be one, but from what I have heard, it was closed down for fire code violations.

My family was somewhat close-knit, though my brother and eldest sister weren’t terribly close to me. I loved school, and in second grade, I remember thinking that it just keeps getting easier. I had wanted to be an artist at a young age, and soon after developed an interest in palentology and then archeology. I’ve always enjoyed playing with toys, and often I would play by myself. He-man, G.I. Joe, and others were the heroes of my earliest dramas. I believe that you can still see some of their influence in my work today.

My teenage years were as awkward as most everybody else’s, although I never really went through most of the destructive phases most young men do. I always liked creating things; stories, art work, music, and more. Life went on, and eventually I grew up and lots of things happened. To truncate the story, I met my wife and started concentrating on writing. I write partially for fun, but mostly because of my creative urges. I haven’t been published often, but I am proud to say that I have been published. I look forward to hearing feedback on what I post here; through your comments, I hope to be able to improve my writing.

Much of what you will find on here are works in progress. Often, I will sit down and start typing and the stories just spill out. As such, you will find occasional mispellings and maybe even a grammatical mistake or two. These errors will be corrected slowly as I edit the pieces into a final form.

As a side note, I’d like to point out that you don’t need a WordPress account to leave a comment, which is kinda neat.


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