30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 16: Favorite Ooze or Aberrant Creature

While the Gelatinous Cube has its merits, I chose to go with an Aberrant rather than an ooze. While the Mind Flayer is certainly one of my most favorite aberrations, there is one that I like just slightly more:

The Beholder.


Beholders are nasty and cruel creatures, and their eyes shoot all sorts of magical rays. When that big floating mass appears, the players know that it is business time, as a Beholder can easily turn a simple fight into a terrifying life-or-death struggle.

The one time I was able to have my players fight a beholder was pretty awesome. I don’t remember much of the fight, but I do remember that it was tons of fun and that the warlock of our group looted a Beholder Lens off of the beholder’s body. The beholder was using the lens to split and empower its ray attacks. I told the player that he could use it maybe once, and he did – when he managed to slay Asmodeus on one hit.

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