30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 14: Favorite NPC30

I don’t always claim membership to the Cult of the New, but when it comes to favorites, I’m often in its ranks. Perhaps it makes me fickle, but it’s just kind of how my mind works sometimes. Such is the case with my favorite NPC.

Josef was a clown in the Hobomancer game I was running. He was abusive and cocky, and not above hurting his partner Claudio physically if it meant that someone thought it was funny. However, his act was the only thing really keeping the circus that he was travelling with on its feet.

The troubled relationship of the two clowns was a fine centerpiece for  role play encounter. The players tried to understand how Claudio and Josef’s relationship worked, and eventually discovered that Claudio was a masochist who was fixated on the abuse he was receiving from Josef – the negative stroke he was receiving was really the only stroke his ego had going for it.

Seeing the players deal with this sensitive and volatile pair was a pleasure, and is one of the things that brought me a ton of joy in my current game.

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I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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