30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 11: Favorite Adventure You Ran

I’ve run several games over the years, and each one stands out in my memory for different reasons, but I think that my favorite one was a campaign of Little Fears I called The Monster Hunters of Peach Street. I liked it for several reasons – the group was small but very engaged, the locale was my neighborhood, and the plot was very enjoyable. It gave me my usual chance to craft gross monsters, and because it was in the Little Fears world, the players were able to use their imaginations to overcome some pretty nasty stuff.

While the PCs talking to a gnome that was a secret communicator to an underground monster hunting conclave was fun, and seeing them cope with a living blob/kielbasa monster was great, it was the climax of the adventure that I enjoyed the most. You see, all through the campaign, they were dealing with supernatural threats, and the end boss was being built up as the biggest and baddest of them all.

The last session saw them going to a sketchy apartment complex “where the monsters come from”. Each floor involved specific fears, and as they climbed higher, everything became more and more deranged. Of course, they were ready to meet some slavering slime or gnarly ghoul.

However, instead of finding a pus dripping nastyman, they found an adult. He was a grown-up that never lost his innocence, and as such, still saw the nightmare creatures that only children in the world of Little Fears can see. Through the story, his plan was to cause the world of nightmare to converge with the real world so that he could show everyone what reality was really like. He was mentally unstable, with a childlike demeanor, and he had a gun.

The moment that the PCs were threatened with an adult with a gun was a priceless one. The players were very concerned for their characters’ well-being, and the shift in flavor was just the twist that could end the adventure, and campaign, on a high note.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yeti Man!

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