30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 10: Craziest In-Game Experience


They call it Horse Bomb.

It was during a crazy Vampire: The Requiem game set in ancient Rome when the characters were leading an army of zombies against an army of werewolves. There was some silliness involving a zombie King Arthur and some other such things, but the meat and potatoes was this:

Ignatius had been knocked out and his sister had managed to jump on his undead horse and saved him from being destroyed. While she was riding across the battlefield, a werewolf leaped to attack her. Her brother Romulus, clad in full armor, leaped over her back to engage the werewolf in a fight astride the horse. The youngest brother of the family (Cassius, if I’m not mistaken), was beset by werewolves and used his preternatural strength to lift the horse, rider, and 3 passengers into the air and send the whole mess crashing down on his foes.

It was crazy and fun. Simultaneous action scenes like that can be hard to orchestrate, but when they work, they work very well.

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1 Response to 30 Day D&D Challenge, Day 10: Craziest In-Game Experience

  1. Sarah says:

    Horse bomb! ❤

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