Avocado and Black Bean Salad Bento

One of these days, I will actually do a Chipotle-inspired bento, but alas, this was not the day. Instead, let me bring to you another beany lunch known as the Avocado and Black Bean Salad Bento.

SF 002Adapted from this recipe,  this bento felt substantially lighter than the Three Bean Chili Bento that I posted last week. If you cannot tell by the picture, I used the black bean confetti recipe and not the cucumber radish one. I experimented with how to eat this bento all week long. Pictured above was my first attempt.

Clockwise, starting from the left, is the black bean salad, an avocado half (nice and ripe, but not guacamole ripe), a small cup for the dressing (After my trip to the Kintetsu Mall in San Francisco, you will no longer see that clear Solo dressing cup. I can’t wait to show off the goodies I found!), Knorr Mexican Rice (from a box), Key Lime Yogurt, grape tomatoes, and a banana, sliced and placed into a yogurt cup for compartmentalization.

The salad was good. I found that adding the dressing before setting off to work instead of putting it on just before consuming the salad had better results. The rice from a box was a major disappointment. I should have known better, but I went ahead anyways.

The cut yougurt cup was a lifesaver. I wanted to include banana in this, as more fruit is usually a good thing, but I also wanted to be sure that the bananas didn’t roll into my rice. It turned out to be a great little compartment since I lack a compartment in this particular bento box. I solved this issue with the purchase of silicone cups, which you should be seeing sooner than later.

As I mentioned earlier, I went to the Kintetsu Mall in San Francisco’s Japantown. I was quite happy to spend money there, buying a few new bento accessories, some nice dishes, and a wonderful yukata that I will wear happily as the warmer weather arrives.

Until next time, eat happily.


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