The Bento from Last Week: The Absolutely Nothing Like Chipotle Bento

Last week, I started to make bento lunches again. I used to put together a bento once in a while, but had fallen out of the habit. You know, just like how I used to blog every once in a while, but have fallen out of the habit.

Last week’s bento was the first for me in a while. I wanted to have something that loosely emulated Chipotle, but without much labor involved. As my search for less and less labor grew, I decided that what I really wanted was something light, and just a wee bit Mexicanish.

Behold! The Absolutely Nothing Like Chipotle Bento:
004My bento proportions here are way off (it is supposed to be 3-2-1, grains, veggies, and protein), favoring veggies over pretty much everything else, and including dairy because I’m a sucker for yoghurt.

This is (clockwise from the left) Yoplait Margarita flavoured yoghurt, black bean salad with avocado, taco bowls made from corn tortillas, strawberries, and carrots. I found this bento to be filling – so much so that I just had a snack when I got home after work, not really needing a meal. As the week wore on, I gave-up on the taco bowls. They were too big, and the black bean salad actually tasted better on a gently heated corn tortilla rather than one that was baked to a crisp.

So, another week will perhaps find me making cilantro lime rice and barbacoa, but not as long as I’m lazy enough to make something simple, delicious, and inexpensive.


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2 Responses to The Bento from Last Week: The Absolutely Nothing Like Chipotle Bento

  1. Missie says:

    I can’t have yogurt right now, which is making Margarita yogurt sounds twice as amazing, haha….
    Is it all that I’m fat-girl dreaming it is?

    • Margarita yogurt is a wee bit difficult to explain, especially since I have never had an actual Margarita. It has a taste not unlike lemon and lime, with something else, which I can best describe as sweet freshness, and a flavor that MAYBE is supposed to make me think of salt.

      It is confusing, but delightful.


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