30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 27: Someone Stole Money from Me

No, today’s subject isn’t actually “someone stole money from me.” It is actually “An Old Person Doing Kung-Fu”, but that parade got rained on when I got a call that said one of my bank accounts was compromised. I popped online to check my balance, and sure enough: $500.00 was withdrawn from a bank in Providence that I’ve never been to. Actually, $503.50, but who’s counting?

So, I talked to the lady from the bank who instructed me to go to the Police Department to fill out a police report and then bring a copy of the report to any of my bank’s branches. So, I went to the local police, who promptly told me that since the money was withdrawn in Providence, I’d have to go to Providence and file my report.

I stifled the urge to be indignant and say that all of this “your jurisdiction, my jurisdiction” crap was a big part of why the Zodiac killer case was never solved and walked out the door. I had about an hour and a half before work by this time, and there was an important meeting for me to attend so I couldn’t be late or call in. I decided to chance it, and off we went (Sarah was driving) to Providence.

I filed my report and found that between Sarah and I, we had 25 cents in physical money. The police report costs 25 cents per page, and the report was 2 pages long. So, we went to the police ATM and took out the twenty dollars and away we went. Sarah received change in all ones. I told her that she could make it rain if she wanted to.

Next stop was the branch of my bank most local to me, and believe it or not, that is what took the longest. I had three different papers to sign and a letter to write saying that I didn’t take out this money.

Long and short, I got to work pretty much just on time, and was able to draw this on break:

So, today’s drawing is only half done, but at least I got something done besides worrying about the money that was stolen from me.


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I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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4 Responses to 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 27: Someone Stole Money from Me

  1. ~m says:


    And, hang on…your bank sent you to the police, and they sent you to Providence?
    Is that the norm?
    What if the theft had taken place in Texas (as it did with us once) what would happen then?

    I’m glad you caught it, at least!

    • I’ve talked to a few people, and me needing to go to the police myself could be because I am a member of a small institution rather than a financial juggernaut. That said, I was wondering the exact same thing about if funds were withdrawn from much further away. I assume that I’d end up going to the state police, but who knows?


      • ~m says:

        I’m a member of a small institution, and they caught it even before we were awake,
        and handled it (though, it was much easier to catch than your situation! The people at our bank knew we weren’t in Texas! Had the charge been in Providence, I assume they wouldn’t have caught it unless it was HUGE or otherwise suspicious!)
        But, they had all the paperwork there, even the police report. All we had to do was walk into the bank and sign. I could have cried with gratitude, as I’m sure you can imagine, H.
        I must have thanked the woman in charge of that stuff four times.

        I wonder if every bank has a different policy on how theft is handled, or if it depends on the scenario of the theft? Maybe both?
        Hope all is well now. Did you have to cancel your debit cards? =/

      • I think it must depend on the situation, and the bank.

        They had shut my cards down even before I knew what was going on, so that was a plus.

        Every cent has been restored, so life is good at the moment; here’s hoping it stays that way 🙂


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