The Difference Markers Make and A Kitsune Wedding

So, for this past Sketch-A-Week, I posted a version of Lilly Fowler that I colored using the colored pencils I had on hand. I had a very limited pallet and feel like the final product was so-so. As such, and since I’m planning on drawing more of the officers from the Inspector Prescott series, I bought some markers and a larger set of colored pencils while we were running our errands today. Afterwards, I recolored Lilly, who might spell her name Lily or Lilly (I need to decide that).

I am much happier.

In other news, Sarah observed that there have been many Kitsune weddings lately. For those not in the know, there is a notion that comes from Japanese folklore that says a sunshower (when it is clear, but raining) occurs on the event of a wedding between a pair of Kitsune, also known as fox spirits. Known to be tricksters and lovers, Kitsune are a complex breed of creature, as are many other yokai.

So, with this idea of a Kitsune wedding came the fevered desire to draw a Kitsune bride and groom. My quick drawing yielded this result:

I have had this idea of this male Kitsune dressed in very Western wedding attire getting married to a female Kitsune dressed in traditional Eastern garb. The story of the male is that he actually has cold feet (paws?) and runs away from the wedding before it begins. He comes across a wise Tanuki that gives him counsel, telling him the joys of marriage and family (while eschewing the fact that he himself is a celibate monk) and eventually sends the bridegroom on his way, with visions of a happy future. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.

I’m undecided on how or if I want to color this. I’m considering watercolor pencils followed by inking it over after coloring, but that says maybe. I know I want to toss a background in there, but haven’t decided what it shall be. I guess we’ll see.

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3 Responses to The Difference Markers Make and A Kitsune Wedding

  1. Sarah says:

    Everything came out great!

  2. ~m says:

    You should try rendering your Kitsune couple with brush and ink instead of marker!!

    • It is under consideration. I’ve been thinking that a trip to Art Supply Warehouse is in the cards sooner than later. This whole coloring things in thing is an ever-evoloving monster.


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