30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 23: Sunset

As I work 2nd shift during the week, this was a bit of a puzzler. At first I considered the option of calling in so that I could catch today’s sunset; however, since my work ethic disallows frivolous call-ins, that option went downhill faster than a rocket-propelled penguin. I considered photographing the sunrise and claiming amnesty from today’s challenge, that seemed too much like cheating. So, I thought and thought, and then it occurred to me that since I have no sunsets during the week, I should evaluate what a sunset is in my weekday life and capture that. As such, today’s picture is in two parts.



With one hand on the light switch, and the other holding down the shutter button, I managed to capture (after a dozen or so pictures) the lights on the ceiling fan in my home office in the process of turning off. The nightly termination of this light is the true end of my day; an electric sunset for someone who seldom sees the sun.

While it is a little like cheating, I think that it is just close enough to being inside the box that I can get away with it.



About harrylthompsonjr

I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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2 Responses to 30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 23: Sunset

  1. Sarah says:

    Very cool!

  2. ~m says:

    hah, clever! This must have been challenging, too.

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