More Twin Peaks Art

I continue to be enamored with Twin Peaks. Between some smart writing and quirky characters, there is little to dislike. Sure, it is at times very David Lynchy, but it isn’t the “I’m David Lynch! LOOK AT ME! This is cool! Look at it!” that I often rail against. There are times in his later films that I feel he is perhaps a bit over-doing it. Since he isn’t at the helm of every episode of Twin Peaks, it means that not every episode is Lynchy. That is good and bad.

It is good because there are fewer pillow shots when others are directing. While the pillow shots add a bit of pacing and character, they take up time in a 1 hour episode. It is bad because there is a slight inconsistency when others are directing. The acting seems less alien, which can really stick out like a thing that sticks out, but not quite to the extent of a sore thumb – perhaps like a sore nipple?

Anyways, as I said, much joy over this series. Here’s one of my favorite characters:

So enigmatic. Seriously. The log knows something, and I’m convinced it’s because the trees know something, and they are all interlinked.



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One Response to More Twin Peaks Art

  1. Sarah says:

    LOL “Like a sore nipple”. All these years of being a Peaks fan, I can honestly say, I have never ever noticed a difference in the acting. To me it’s always been a bit stiff and awkward, esp. Sheriff Truman. I still love it after these twenty-something years and I think I always will. Even if I now know that they reveal a killer. How disappointed was I, when I found that out last year! Anyways, I’m rambling. I’m so glad you are loving it. ^_^

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