Haiku 52, Week 11

A loud squeaking sound
Unfamiliar vibration
Time to fix the car


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I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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9 Responses to Haiku 52, Week 11

  1. ~m says:

    ruh-roh! But you guys have a reliable mechanic you always go to, don’t you?
    So helpful in the whole “what’s that vibrating?” cycle!! It really cuts out a lot of the pain.

    Harry, btw…I love LOVE the idea of Used Car Haiku…
    with brain storming, we could compile a whole volume of them!

    he is showing me
    a grubby filter, frowning…
    can i trust this guy?

    Ragged specks in the
    body? Aerodynamics!
    These we call Speed Holes.

    My serpentine belt?
    The hell is that?! The answer:
    eight hundred dollars.

    Smell of burnt plastic,
    Leaky windows, scary clutch:
    beloved old beast

    • Sarah says:

      Love them all! I esp. enjoy Speed Holes. 🙂

    • harrylthompsonjr says:

      The whole experience of owning a used car is rife with emotions; it’s like a roller coaster ride that eventually ends with the cars flying off the track and into oblivion: one part fun, seven parts fear, and you know that it won’t end well.

      Of course, this goes for owning nearly any car. Every tick of the odometer is one step closer to “Um, Mom? Could you come pick me up? The engine fell out and the hillbillies are coming closer.”

      I do like the idea of a whole collection.

      That said, this past week we had the brakes looked at and it turned out they only needed adjusting. Yesterday, it seemed like the car was idling a bit more than it ought to have been, so maybe that needs to be peeked at as well.


  2. Sarah says:

    Great job as always!

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