Sketch-A-Week, Week 7

So, I’ve been considering the idea of a monsters of the world coloring book as a gift a bit more seriously. As such, I’ve started to consider what Western monsters would be good inclusions. The Cyclops was the first to leap to mind.

He’s the focus of this week’s sketch:

Not too shabby. I like his stomach hanging over his belt: he looks monstrous, but not necessarily scary. I’ve begun compiling a list of possible monsters, and I’ll whittle the list down after brainstorming.


About harrylthompsonjr

I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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One Response to Sketch-A-Week, Week 7

  1. Sarah says:

    Love the fluffy sheep. 🙂

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