Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate from Dagoba Organic Chocolate

My Mother-In-Law believes in quality, which is one of the reasons why receiving a Christmas stocking stuffed full of delicious chocolate goodies from her is such a treat. My wife dropped the hint that I like spicy chocolate, so when I opened my stocking, I found a wide variety of spicy, chocolatey goodness. There were many tasty bits, but there is one that I saved for last: Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate from Dagoba Organic Chocolate.

The can boasts that it contains dark chocolate, chiles, and cinnamon. When I cracked open the canister, I was skeptical at best: I smelled cocoa powder, but where were the spicy notes? I poked around at the mix and was surprised to find whole chocolate chips. I raised an eyebrow, shrugged my shoulders, and followed the directions on the can, adding slightly less than what the instructions called for.

Whisking the powder into the steaming, hot milk, I was delighted with the chocolate aroma. I poured it into a mug, snapped the above picture, and took a sip.

Warm and delightful.

A smooth, chocolate taste, followed by a warm spice in the back of the throat. To me, that is where pleasant spicy foods reside. When spicy food burns off your tongue, I find it less enjoyable. This was a mild, yet assertive spice. Perfect for the seven-degree (F) winter night. The cinnamon resided in the aftertaste. It hung around in my mouth like that friend that asks you if you need help cleaning up after everyone else left the party.

It was a delightful cup of adventure, and particularly enjoyable with ginger snaps. I’d love to have some with a few Ultimate Ginger Cookies, but with my wife ill, I wasn’t about to bake-up a batch by myself for myself.

I would heartily recommend a cup of Xocalatl Drinking Chocolate to anyone that enjoys a slightly different cup of hot chocolate, but doesn’t want to make up a mix by themselves.

Additionally, for those that were wondering, this was my favorite of the spicy chocolate bars my Mother-In-Law spoiled me with.

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1 Response to Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate from Dagoba Organic Chocolate

  1. Sarah says:

    Makes me want to try some despite not liking spicy chocolate.

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