30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 1: Yourself

So, while I do not profess to be a great (or even passably competent) illustrator, I do enjoy drawing and I never do it enough. Of course, there are about 40,000 things I never get to do enough, so there’s nothing particularly special about that. So, as I do enjoy drawing and have been wanting to draw, I decided I would give this 30 Day Drawing Challenge a shot.

Seeing as I draw in a sketch book, these illustrations will be scanned directly from said sketchbook. That said, I apologize in advance if there are any weird shadows from the sketch book’s binding. So without further ado:

So, I started drawing myself, and started realizing how sort of sad I was portraying myself. Then, I noticed that I kinda looked like Satan stuck waist deep in ice. So, from there came some wings and a parade of some of my favorite monsters. Left to right, top to bottom (roughly) they are:

Young woman possessed by Lust and Man possessed by Avarice. These were monsters I created for a Little Fears campaign.

Munnin (From They Eat Eyes), Strangling Imp (From The Gypsy), Human-sized walking pig (Which I just think is creepy), Karakasa, Oni, and Tanuki (All of which were in El Monstruo).

In the foreground is my contribution to Yokai folklore: The Boob Grabbing Yokai. It is the creature a man is turned into when he mistreats a woman by touching her breasts when she doesn’t want them touched.

I should probably clean up the drawing a bit, but I think that it is a fine start. It leaves room for improvement.

(I updated this post so that the image is more visible)

About harrylthompsonjr

I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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3 Responses to 30 Day Drawing Challenge, Day 1: Yourself

  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah, that pig is creepy.

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