August and Minerva in “Big Fish Story” Part Six

Minerva studied Seymour closely as he crept around the office while August consulted the internet for information. The cat’s aura was calm, not even a speck of fear floated in it. It was strange; she expected him to have some apprehension, but cats were always hard to read. August had tried speaking to the cat again, and it yielded limited results. Seymour had observed strangers watching Perry’s movements over the last three weeks. August assumed that they must have been the Deep Ones that abducted Perry. It was likely that they would have observed his movements, as well as those of the other tenants. It was amazing how little people noticed what was going on around them.
    “What do you think?” asked August, coming into the office with two cups of tea.
    “The cat has nothing else to offer,” said Minerva, “but he is awfully cute.” She scratched Seymour on the chin and he rolled over on his side.
    Minerva continued, “Perry disappears, likely kidnapped, definitely by Deep Ones. He had dreams of his father who is possibly a Deep One. We know that there are cases where the stirring of Elder Gods cause strange, sometimes clairvoyant dreams. It seems to add up to a load of bad news. They must be trying to awaken something.”
    “I took the liberty of scanning through star alignments using the laptop. Nothing seems to jive with anything major. It’s still a good twenty years before Cthulhu could be summoned. There is a new moon; appropriate for rebirth. Maybe they’re trying to resurrect someone?” wondered August.
    “But who? A Deep One priest? A wizard from the past?” Minerva’s face contorted in thought as she ran her fingers through her tangled, blonde hair.
    “This is interesting,” began August, “there was an alignment in 1937. The stars were right to build a bridge to R’lyeh, where Cthulhu sleeps. The date and time coincide with a joint raid on Innsmouth by the National Guard and a special unit of feds. There were attempts to cover it up, but plenty of eye witnesses came forward to debunk the government’s smoke and mirrors.”
    “Father Tolland taught me about the raid on the Esoteric Order of Dagon. He told me that the Order was attacked without provocation.” said Minerva. “The followers of Bodon had a huge stake in the Esoteric Order’s actions; they still do. That was why he sent me here. He wanted to assure that the seeds of Innsmouth bore fruit.” Minerva furrowed her brow and shook her head.
    “There’s so many lies he told, I should have suspected that, that was just another one.” Minerva had once served the Cult of Bodon, and it was because of this service that she took her vow to abstain from using her powerful magic abilities. She hated to think of Father Tolland, the corrupt priest that warped her mind and sent her down such a dark path. He had a sweet, hypnotic voice, and he had an innocent air about him. No one would believe that he could have brainwashed a sixteen year-old into calling the Elder Gods.
    The phone rang and August answered it.
    “August, this is Detective Green. We’ve found Perry. The Chief is assembling the SWAT team right now. You’ve got ten minutes. He wants you there in case anything funny happens. Get your shit together and get down to the station.”
    “We’ll be there.” answered August, hanging up the phone.
    “They’ve found Perry.” said August, rifling through stacks of parchment scrolls.
    “Where is he?” asked Minerva, grabbing the handle of a leather suitcase filled with artifacts.
    “Don’t know. All I know is that the SWAT team is getting ready and the Chief wants us there.” answered August.
    “It would be nice if we knew what we were walking in to.”
    “It wouldn’t be fun if it were easy,” remarked August with a sardonic grin.
    When he and Minerva arrived at the station, August felt like a penguin amongst tigers. The officers in their SWAT gear were armed and ready for war. While they had body armor, shields, helmets, batons, and guns, all he had was a funny t-shirt and a dozen scrolls tucked into his belt. He was ready for war, but not the same sort. At least he had Minerva, also in jeans and a t-shirt, to commiserate with. Standing in the station’s motor pool, a Sergeant barked orders at everyone, but August only paid minimal attention, even when he was being barked at personally.
    “Do you hear me?!” yelled the officer.
    “You know, Deep Ones have claws sharper than knives and minds just as keen. They’re strong and wild; we need to be quiet. The fewer men the better. Set-up a perimeter. Minnie and I will do what needs to be done first, then, if you really need to, you can close in.” said August plainly. It didn’t occur to him how disrespectful he had been until he saw the Sergeant turn red.
    “No. You stay back. We can’t chance civilians being hurt. It is only through Detective Green’s insistence that you are coming. If he didn’t have as many friends up top, I wouldn’t even have you two along. You two will stay in the van, got it?!”
    “Sure, but if there’s trouble, I’m going to need to make eye contact with them.” argued August.
    “Then do it from a safe distance!” barked the Sergeant. “Let’s go!” August watched the Sergeant walk away, still mumbling to himself. Detective Green stood far away, rubbing his temples with his thumb and ring finger. August shrugged his shoulders and piled into the back of the team’s big, black BearCat and kept his mouth firmly shut.

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3 Responses to August and Minerva in “Big Fish Story” Part Six

  1. Sarah says:

    What does this mean…”team’s big, black BearCat”? It just makes me think of Cole. 😉

    I look forward to the next part, something big is going to happen, I can feel it.

  2. ~m says:

    heh, make eye contact “from a safe distance”…and tap dance in a secure prone position while you’re at it.

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