August and Minerva in “Big Fish Story” Part 3

   Detective Green was a wide man with a tall forehead and hands like hams; he was climbing the stairs ahead of August, plodding with steps so heavy that August wouldn’t have been surprised to see plaster snowing from overhead.
   “The tenant next to Mr. Walters had called the police after hearing a struggle. The tenant heard a big slam. There was yelling and screaming; thumping against the walls and everything. The tenant only called after one of their Hummels went Greg Louganis on the living room floor.” Green showed August to the apartment. It wasn’t as shabby as August expected, and it certainly showed signs of a struggle.
   “We called you as soon as we took a look at his schedule and saw he had a meeting with you this morning.” Green stood, hands on his hips and surveyed the scene. “Whoever did this was strong. Look at the impressions in the dry wall. This Walters, he wasn’t a small man, right? Whoever did this was rough and tough. Figured it might be one of your kind of cases.”
   August brushed a few hairs out of his face and squatted. He scanned the floor; an arm chair grabbed his attention. A dark shadow loomed under the chair.
   “Hi,” he said enthusiastically. “Come here, come, it’s okay.”
   “What is it?” asked Green, spinning franticly.
   “A cat,” answered August, rolling his eyes. “Did you think there was a Bogey Man under the chair?’
   “I never know with you,” said Green, running his fingers through his thinning hair and massaging his towering forehead.
   “Bogey men stick with bedrooms. They’re kinda pervy. C’mon puss, c’mon.” August drew a scroll out from his belt and spread it on the floor. “I was hoping he had a pet. In my experience, guys like Perry usually have something they take care of. I’m just happy it’s a cat and not a World of Warcraft account.”
   Seymour inched out from under the chair, sniffing the air warily as he stepped towards the scroll.
   “Did you see any treats?” asked August.
   “Yeah, in the kitchen. Wait a minute, I’ll go grab ’em.” offered Green.
   “No, wait. I don’t want you to spook it. It’s coming.” August tapped on the scroll. There was a circle in its center; passages in Greek ran down its left side and the right featured a detailed illustration of vocal chords.
   “Here puss-puss. Here.” August tapped on the circle again and held out his hand. Seymour stepped into the circle, rubbing his face on August’s fingers and rolling in the circle. It was like the cat sensed the magic about to be done.
August whispered words and carefully traced the circle with his finger; a gentle green glow followed in its wake.
   “Please speak and tell me what has transpired,” said August. Green’s brow furrowed. He couldn’t possibly understand August’s words. The scroll allowed him to speak and understand the secret language of cats, which is seldom shared with humans.
   “They hurt He-Who-Makes-Food-Come. They took him. Please, make food come too. You make food come, two-legs make food come.” said Seymour. His language skills were paltry, probably from limited exposure to other cats.
   “I will make food come if you tell me what happened.”
   “He-Who-Makes-Food-Come was angry. Another two-legs came. He smelled of food. Like Tu-Na. The Two-Legs-Like-Tu-Na scared me. I hid. They fought. Other food-smelling two-legs came. The Two-Legs-Like-Tu-Na picked up He-Who-Makes-Food-Come and took him to the world beyond.”
   “Where?” August asked, excited.
   “Where the Singers That Fly dwell. Here.” Seymour bounded out of the circle and ran to the window by the fire escape.
   “Thanks,” said August, but the spell was broken when Seymour left the circle.
   “Where were those treats?” asked August as he rolled up the scroll.
   “The counter, there. What was all of that?” asked Green.
   “I asked the cat what happened. He was pretty cooperative. He confirmed my suspicions.” August opened the bag of treats and let Seymour eat them out of his hand.
   “It was right of you to call me in, Detective.”
   “What is it this time?” asked Green.
   “For all intents and purposes? Evil fish men from beyond the stars.” answered August wryly. 
   “You’re joking, right?”
   “No,” answered August.
   “What about the cat?” asked Green. “Do you think it has more information?”
   “I’ll find out back at the office. We’ll take him in until we get this sorted out.” Seymour rubbed against August’s leg and purred loudly. August wondered if the cat was better at English than Cat.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Pussycats that talk? Yeah! >^.^<

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