Music Thursday: The Fiddler on the Green, by Demons & Wizards


Sad voices they’re calling
Our precious girl she can’t be gone
How bitter this morning
When daddy’s darling
Went out and started her day

Wasn’t there a dream last night
Like a spring never ending
Still the water runs clear
Through my mind
On the field I can see a fiddler
The fiddler on the green and the sad boy
I took him too early
Would you mind
Would you mind
Would you mind
If I take you

To be with you
To be with you
To be with you
To be with you

The sun seemed bright
The air was clear
The air was clear
A trick of light
Turned red into green
She saw the light
Her face was pale
Her body smashed
Her beauty’s gone

Isn’t it a shame
The reaper said
He is quite alone here
And still waiting for you
Oh I really did fail for the first time
Spoke the fiddler, poor old fiddler
The fiddler on the green
The fiddler on the green
It would be nice

Take my hand

Just hold my hand
I’ll take you there
Your pain will go away

Lyrics and Music by Hansi Kürsch & Jon Schaffer
From the eponymous album Demons & Wizards
I’d been in a bit of a musical rut for a while. There just wasn’t anything that had been catching my attention on the musical side of things lately. So, while looking up some info about the song Mr. Sandman, I found out that a Power Metal band called Blind Guardian covered said song. My interest piqued, I hit Youtube and took a listen.
It was awesome. Strange, heavy, and just the right mixture of cheese made this song an instant hit with me. I moved on to their song Valhalla and I was equally impressed: it was inspiring, bombastic, and (once again) heavy. Up until now, I was fairly certain that the only metal band for me was Dethklok. How wrong I was.
My friend Derrick, a lover of metal, suggested that I check out a band called Demons & Wizards. Apparently, his wife had found out about this band before him and suggested that he give them a listen. Long story short, I found that I like the band Demons & Wizards. I particularly enjoy the song above, Fiddler on the Green.
Simply enough, it tells the story of a young boy taken by Death too early. In order to make things as right as he may, Death swoops down and takes the boy’s soul mate as well, so that neither needs to be alone.
It is a sad and moving notion, one that hit pretty close to home for me. Before meeting my wife, I had moments in life that I was certain that the person fated for me was dead and that I was thus destined to be alone. It was a depressing notion, and one that haunted me quite a bit.
That said, I love the mysterious tone of the song as it opens: it really sets the stage for a supernatural story in a wonderful way. The singer’s passionate voice also lends quite a lot of emotion to the song, weaving us seemlessly into the narrative like a forest guide.
When the song gets heavy, that’s the point that either you’ll find yourself soaring on Death’s wings, wrapped up entirely in the song, or you’ll be wondering what the Hell just happened, and can we get a ride to another song.
Fortunately for me, the song helps me take flight.
It has found its way onto my playlist for one of my new stories. It’s energy is perfect for some of the darker moments that blossom into energetic little scenes of profound sadness.
I give the song a rousing round of applause for being able to capture my imagination and help provide inspiration for the awesomeness that is yet to come.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I dig it baby!

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