Personal Post: Inklings of Linklings

One of my favourite things to do is to watch old B-movies and make fun of what they have failed to do. This had led to a love of the original Dark Shadows. This is a video someone made for one of the weirder songs that came from its soundtrack.

As a writer, I love words. To an extent, I also like wordplay. As such, I bring to your attention an awesome alliterative alphabet. I like J in particular.

This past weekend brought the French film Fear[s] of the Dark to my attention. I enjoyed it, as it oozed style and substance. The stories certainly have a slight predictability to them, but as with most horror, the fear lies somewhere beside the situation. Here’s a trailer.

Something about March brings obsessions to the forefront. Basketball fans have the NCAA tournament, imbibers of green beer have St. Patrick’s Day, and lovers of MODOK have this. For more on what MODOK is, go here.




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I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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One Response to Personal Post: Inklings of Linklings

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the alphabet thing. So good!

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