Personal Post: All the Girls Say That I Have a Really Long Weekend

I have Friday off this week, which equates with having a long weekend. Originally I was going to have a D&D game on Friday, but almost everyone I am gaming with is going to the birthday party of a girl I never met. As such, I found myself with a purpose-less day off. I could have switched it to another day, but after the week I had, I decided to just keep it and enjoy the day off.

As such, I have set about filling up this day with things to do. Sarah and I will bring the car for an allignment, get lunch while waiting for said allignment to finish, go do laundry, and maybe run some errands if the weather is fairly cooperative. I’d like to get a paper cutter, which would make scrap-booking more fun. I’d also like to pick up a new printer, as it is nearly torture to have gone without one for so long.

I have a miniature shrine project I want to work on. If it goes well, I will have multiple miniature shrine projects. More to come as I make some attempts. But first, I need a printer…

Saturday is my monthly Vampire: The Requiem game. I’m pretty tired of it at this point. Meeting once a month does little to keep me interested in the game. I had a lot of zeal for it once, and it reignites once in a while, but it has lost a lot of its luster. I’m thinking of cutting the game short and ending it before summer.

I used to like Vampire more than D&D, but since 4th edition came out, that has changed quite a lot. I like how balanced 4th is, and I also like how easy it is to plan a session. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve been running the same Vampire since late 2007. Nearly 3 years of the same game is a bit much for me.

However, I should note that once we sit at the table, my feelings change completely. Until Dickie shows up, I’ll be complaining how I don’t want to run the game. Then, once we get into character and start playing, I fall in love all over again. The carefully crafted world comes to life and all is good. Yet, when the game is over, I’m right back to where I started.

Sometimes, I imagine I’d be just as happy to play Last Night on Earth as Vampire.

Anyways, enough geeky complaining. I should be doing better things.



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3 Responses to Personal Post: All the Girls Say That I Have a Really Long Weekend

  1. Robyn says:

    I highly recommend two different types of papercutters.

    The first is a basic, large, can easily cut 12×12 sheets easily papercutter. Some have arms. Some have sliding blades. Some can only be pulled one way. I, personally, prefer a rotary blade papercutter. It can slide either way for more flexibility, and sometimes you have have to slice across twice. I have this one:

    Plus, the blades are the same as my handheld rotary cutter (*used for quilting and sewing*), so if Sarah has or gets one of those, they all both use the same refill blades.

    That is your basic go-to cutter. I also have a miniature cutter, better suited for playing with very small pieces of paper, trimming off with very-up-close-detail, and also for trimming actual photographs. I searched and searched, and finally found one that I love. The bad thing is that it is sold by Creative Memories, which is a self-it-yourself company like my Stampin’ Up stuff. You may be able to find one on eBay, or you could find one of their sellers. However, if you do, they will bug you to buy all their other stuff. lol
    Ah, here ya go:

  2. Sarah says:

    Well, the alignment will have to wait until monday morning ’cause I was being a do-do head and didn’t make the appt. I wish the laundry would wash itself, or be selfcleaning. I look foward to having a printer again. No more emailing you at work to ask to print out a recipe.

  3. miss says:

    Really? No one’s going to say it?


    “It’s not the length of your weekend, Harry–
    it’s how you use it!”

    lol, have fun ^^

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