Personal Post: Growing Up, Or How I Learned Not to Spend Money on Plastic Things I Don’t Need

Part of growing up is learning to be responsible with money. I’m pretty sure we can all agree to that. In recent years, I have pretty much given up being a toy collector, which would come to a shock to anyone that saw my mighty wall of Spawn toys when I lived in my parents’ basement. The decline of my collecting habits has been a swift one: I used to collect toys and comics, dumping some $80 bucks a month on comics alone during the peak of my obsession.

Of course, such a lifestyle is too expensive for someone that pays rent and is providing for someone else. The monthly adventures of the X-Men are much less important than eating, and even less important than internet access. They were amongst the first to go. Soon, buying complete waves of Spawn toys followed.

The thing is, I don’t really miss it. Once in a while I do, but in the bigger picture, I don’t. I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to put all this stuff, nor do I have to worry about how I’ll be able to afford the next wave of stuff that comes out.

Last year, I picked up Heroscape and went crazy collecting the waves of figures. It was the collector’s version of binging. I literally spent a fuckton of money on plasticrack, and divine law beat my backside red with the death of my laptop.

I looked at my collection of ‘scape, and I decided that I have enough. I literally have 100’s of figures, which is plenty considering I play the game about 4 times a year. As much fun as it is, I (and my compatriots) don’t have the time to spend playing games like that.

Yesterday, after playing a game of Heroclix with my friend Matt on Sunday, I was tempted to see how expensive The Great Cthulhu HorrorClix figure was. $40.00. $5.00 shipping. About half of what it had been selling for at its peak. I wanted it. Not only is it a cool statue of Cthulhu, I could play with it with Matt. I thought to myself, “It would be awesome. We could have Galactus fight Cthulhu!” I decided to wait. It would be over half of my personal spending budget, so I thought it over. Besides, they had 9 of them for sale.

Today, I went on Ebay and they were sold out. The new lowest priced one was $45.00 with $10.00 shipping. I shook my head “no” and left ebay. I started thinking about the old me versus me today. The old me would have said, “It’s only 10 bucks.” Today, I’m saying “It’s 55 dollars. That’s too much. Even 45 was pushing it. I could probably make an awesome Cthulhu statue for that much.”

I guess it means I’m learning to live within my means and getting my priorities straight.


PS~ I’m doing my best not to obsess about the idea of not buying this, because it could, just as easily, become me buying this in an obsessive-compulsive basis. As in, “I’m obsessed with this, thus must buy it to relieve the obsession”.


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I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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3 Responses to Personal Post: Growing Up, Or How I Learned Not to Spend Money on Plastic Things I Don’t Need

  1. Clayton says:

    I live well within my means, or I try to. I know those feelings though. “Its so awesome I WANT IT” For example I just spent $15 bucks on Starcraft with the expansion for my PC, and I haven’t even touched it since.

    I feel like I wasted $15.

  2. Robyn says:

    Oh Dearest Harry, I know all too well exactly what you mean. I am proud of you for this realization, and I wish you much luck, love, and support in continuing your finacial growth and development. It is a difficult path to follow, as there are so many delicious distractions in life.

    Just the other day I was looking at something, probably the Internet, and I saw some new Barbie Silkstone Dolls. I told myself “No”. Repeatedly. I don’t need it. I need to accomplish other things with my money first.

    As you have seen by my LJ, including one of my posts today, I am very much going through this same process, and today’s post even addressed the same, “realizing I don’t need this other stuff” feeling.

    I think part of it also comes with our age. While we are still young, we are also aware that we are aging. While we have been working long enough to know that we must and that through our hardwork we earn our living, but also to know that some day we wish to no longer need to in order to pay the bills. We know our past, we know our present, and we want to know what to expect, at least to a degree, our future.

  3. miss says:

    Matt advises you to let the spirit of the Cheap guide you, lol.

    “Obsess about the deal above all, and it will come to you, Harry!”

    He has gradually become an amazing ebay hunter. He only buys something maybe twice a year, but what deals they are! He’s the kind of buyer where the seller probably sees the final bid price and cries that he has committed to sell.

    Btw, Galactus vs. Cthulhu? Even if you guys just print out his stat page
    and sculpt the dread one in play-do and pipe cleaners,
    that game should occur.

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