Bedecked in Bleu

This has been a fairly stressful week for me. My laptop, my creative home, has gone kaput. Happily, I have a friend (Derrick Bergeron, of New Tribal Films fame) who is going to help me out a bit, and others are also offering varied forms of assistance. 

For me, it is like I am a painter who has lost their studio. Sure, my work has (for the most part) survived, but the place where I do my work is gone, and with it has gone my comfort and ease. Now, I’m stuck on the desk top, victimized by the barrage of sounds that fill the neighborhood. It is both distracting and aggitating, having to listen to the screams of children at play and the relentless rumble of cars and music.

I have found myself sinking into a depression, which is silly, as it is just a machine and it isn’t something to get as upset about as I have. I am determined to continue on, focused on my creative output. This week, I have a poem about a cheeseburger entitled Bedecked in Bleu. It is about the Boston Bleu Burger at Ruby Tuesday’s. 

Bedecked in Bleu

I saw you

On the menu.

Steak sauce marinated,

Cooked medium well-

Bedecked in bleu.


I wait

And contemplate

The chef is dressing you,

Preparing you well,

Are you ready for our date?


Here you come,

I’m struck dumb;

Look at that plate!

My eyes swell-

So much for such a small sum!


First the fries,

They’re a surprise,

I eat some

I relish their smell,

Admire their guise.


Next is the shake,

And I can tell by the sip I take:

This is going straight to my thighs.

I suck it till I’ve had my fill;

It is time now.


It’s just you and me;

I know our history:

You were a cow,

But now you’re a meal,

And I will eat you with lots of zeal.


A bite,

A taste,

The flavours dance on my tongue.

The flesh between my grinding teeth;

the crunching of a lettuce leaf.

The tang of bleu,

and then it is through.


Only drippings remain.


About harrylthompsonjr

I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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