August and Minerva, Investigators of the Supernatural: Old Souls (Part Eight)

Contessa sat quietly at the nurse’s station. The night had been peaceful; Dr. Kholsa asked her to keep track of the patient in the ICU called Zelinski. The doctor had told her that he was a special case, which meant that his injuries were of a supernatural nature. She was to apply a thick salve to his wounds each hour, and if the infection spread any further, she was to apply some of her own healing powers. She was a young witch, but her powers of healing were blossoming quickly. Her eyes scanned the romance novel she was reading. She didn’t notice the hissing black creatures that spilled into the hallway, and when she did, it was all ready too late.

She threw up her hands, calling on a shield of magical energy. One of the monsters was deflected to the ground, and another tumbled into a linen cart. The creatures, assembled as a mob, swarmed over the desk, clawing and tearing at the magical shield, pushing Contessa’s powers to their brink. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold the shield when she started to hear gunfire and the sounds of a struggle.


Sebottendorff reveled in violence. The small handful of vampire spawn he had brought with him had grown into an unruly mob. The police, thinking it was a normal hostage situation, had been slow to show force, which allowed his minions to do their work. He had few worries about the police entering the hospital secretly, as he had managed to populate the entire building with his servants. Closing his eyes, he could see the eyes of any of his spawn, and he watched the fight in the ICU intently, until he heard the sound of glass shattering. A terrible, shaggy wolf-man had burst through the glass doors of the hospital and began clawing his way towards Sebottendorff.

The dark furred beast was savage and decisive in its movements; Sebottendorff smiled cruelly as the werewolf pulled the arm off of one of the vampire spawn.

“So, this is what they send to fight me?” Sebottendorff cackled, unbuttoning the top of his uniform and opening his hands; vicious, black talons pushed from his finger tips as he locked eyes with Tobias. In two long strides, Tobias lunged forward, wrapping his arms around the vampire, trying to restrain him. The werewolf laced his fingers together, holding the vampire’s arms tight to his torso.

Wearing shining wingtips, Adrian, who had driven Minerva and Tobias to the hospital, strode into the hospital’s lobby. Holding up one of the glowing green vials that held all the power of a human life, he began to chant. The illumination, while faint, was repulsive to the vampire spawn, which hissed and groaned in the presence of the light. Minerva, intent on getting up to Mr. Zelinski, rushed towards the elevators, dodging past Sebottendorff’s growling children.


The green Ford Escort station wagon screeched to a halt behind the police barricade. August, laden with the Vampire Folio, stepped out of the car. Claude followed suit, bringing an umbrella with him. The officer in charge of the scene wanted to hold the pair back, but when he saw the green light radiating from the hospital’s lobby, he realized that this was a situation appropriate for August.

“Listen son, you be on your guard. The place is crawling with those things.” said Officer Garibaldi, a sincere look of concern painted on his face. “I know this is your thing, but this is getting ugly fast.”

“Thanks for the concern, but we all have our jobs to do.” said August, trying to seem brave despite the pounding in his chest. Claude followed August closely, intensity replacing the content and happy look that normally dressed his face. For a moment, he felt like Bruce Lee coming to save the day.

Walking through shattered doorway, they saw the titanic struggle. By sheer brute force, Sebottendorff broke free of Tobias’ suffocating grasp and assumed the stance of a boxer. Moving swiftly, the vampire landed a series of blows across Tobias’ body. Each hit left blood trailing in its wake.

Tobias clawed furiously at the air, unable to land a blow on the elusive vampire. Adrian’s chant reached a crescendo as he crushed the vial in his hand. I long, shimmering lance appeared in his hand, and with perfect form, he hurled the energy spear at Sebottendorff. However, the vampire moved from the deadly weapon’s path at the last moment. Yet, the spear broke Sebottendorff’s concentration for just a moment; it was enough time for Tobias to seize him by the neck.

The muscles in his body tensed as he lifted the vampire into the air. Ferociously, Tobias began to rip at Sebottendorff’s body with his free claw. Claude rushed forward; he saw that Sebottendorff had pulled the silver death’s head button from his lapel.

“Watch out!” shouted Claude, as Sebottendorff plunged the pin into Tobias’ chest. The werewolf recoiled in agony, pawing at the silver bauble. A gunshot rang out; Sebottendorff stood with a luger in his hand, his neck heavily bruised from Tobias’ hand.

“Down boy.” he said cheekily, watching blood seep from the gunshot wound in Tobias’ chest. “Stay.” he said, firing again.

“Stop it Claus!” said Claude, walking towards Sebottendorff.

“It’s only self defense, brother.” said Sebottendorff, smirking.

“No! This is murder. And don’t call me brother! The woman that made us what we are is all we have in common.” said Claude excitedly.

“I taught you everything you know. Do you think you’ll be able to stop me?” taunted Sebottendorff.

“That’s why I brought this.” replied Claude, indicating the umbrella. “This might take a while, so I figured I’d need some protection from the sun.”

Stealthily, August tossed the Vampire Folio to Adrian and tried to make his way towards Tobias. He drew an imaginary symbol on his hand and prepared to press it on Tobias’ bloody wound. Claude saw that Sebottendorff aimed his pistol at August. Rushing forward, the bullet landed in Claude’s stomach.

“Go get your friend to safety.” said Claude as his hand snapped around the barrel of Sebottendorff’s pistol.

“You can’t beat me in a fight.” said Sebottendorff as August ushered Tobias to the elevators.

“Who said I’m going to fight you.” replied Claude as the barrel of the gun collapsed and shattered to pieces.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Aaaaaaaah! I want to know how it ends!

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