1,000 Word Challenge: Metatron and Satan

Sarah sent this picture to me, which prompted the story below. This picture seems to be worth 1,065 words. I think this is kind of a contraversial story. While I have used a lot of characters from mythology in the past, these are characters that a great number of people still believe in. I haven’t purposely set out to offend people, but sometimes these things happen.  


The sunlight poured over the barren moonscape, bathing the desolate satellite with warmth. A fat creature, blue skinned and bearing three mouths and three faces, grinned wildly as a young angel winged his way through the cosmos, landing lightly on the moon’s surface.

“The light warms me so, friend. Too long have I sat away from it.” The blue creature spoke with a friendly tone. The angel winced at the creature’s cacophony of voices, each gurgling and strained.

“I am no friend to you, Satan.” replied the angel, who wore a crown upon his fiery brow. Relaxing his thirty six wings, the angel fixed his three-hundred and sixty five eyes upon Satan, who laughed deeply. Metatron, the scribe and a prince among angels smirked at his fallen brother’s laughter.

“Friend or not, it is done, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the decision has been made.” replied Metatron as his gaze wandered to the Earth below.

“There is such peace now, without them.” observed Satan, sitting down in the dust and resting one of his chins on his open palm. “All the fuss over them, and now they are gone and we return back to the beginning. Is He rebuilding?”

“That is less and less your concern, Fallen One. There is still a matter of your transgressions.”

“But He is a forgiving God, isn’t he?” asked Satan with a wicked grin, “And I am willing to forgive if He is.”

“He doesn’t seek forgiveness. He seeks your repentance.” replied Metatron.

“I was made as He made me to be. There was nothing else I could do. I was created to serve Him and only Him. Did He expect me to serve any other? He needed an other half, and that is what He made me to be.” Satan dusted off his legs and willed a pair of wings to sprout from his shoulders. With a couple of beats, he began to ascend. Metatron followed, wary of the fallen angel.

“He let you out of your realm; He only wishes your submission to His Will.”

“I was not made that way, and you know that it true. Do you still sit in Heaven, Metatron?” asked Satan as the pair soared through the void of space towards the silent earth.

“I do.” answered Metatron hesitantly.

“So then you remember what you needed to do to gain that privilege? You needed to submit to God; you were beaten just to prove that you were not His equal.”

“That is the truth, but what of it?”

“Do you hold a grudge against God for His actions?”

“I do not. He does what must be done.”

“That is a truth we could argue until all of creation unravels. The truth I propose is that you were made to bear that punishment, so you can feel no anguish over its performance. You hating God for His beating would be like a human hating his lungs for breathing. He does not do what He must; we just do as He made us.”

“Your argument has become convoluted. I won’t listen to it any longer.” said Metatron. “Now turn around; the Lord comes.” Satan turned his back as reality warped and twisted. “He speaks through me.” said the angel. Satan rolled all six of his eyes.

“Then speak His words! Is it to be a lake of fire then? That is what was always said.”

“There will be no end for you, My child.” said God through Metatron. “I would not so easily cast away something I have made. You still have value, even if you cannot see it.” Satan listened, taking God’s words lightly. He simply waited, anticipating the worse.

“I want you to try where I have failed.” said God through Metatron. Satan’s jaws fell open as a surge of power bore through him. “Metatron spoke truly, as did you. I can only do as I must. Each of my creations can only do as I allow them to. You, my flawed creation, might be the answer. You were made to be free. You were made to be defiant. I ask you simply; remake the world. Use My power. I have failed, and I wish to see if you will succeed.”

“This is a game. This is just as we did to Job. You are only doing this to prove me wrong. This to humiliate me further. I will not have it!” raged Satan, keeping his eyes averted from Metatron.

“I ought to have known. You were made to defy me; you would not do this for me even if I begged.”

“That is right. I know your games, and I will not play them again. Let the world rot. It is what you deserve.” Satan flapped his mighty wings and began to fly towards the sun. Basking in the light, his skin began to change to fire. His faces began to melt, and his wings began to multiply. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him; he was becoming an angel again.

“I would have you by my side again, no longer my adversary.” said God through Metatron.

“Then where do we begin?” asked the new angel as it turned to face Metatron and the countenance of God. Looking upon the earth, devoid of life, the new angel smiled, thinking of the possibilities. “Must I make life? Couldn’t we leave the world as it is? It is perfect now. We don’t need to add more.”

“You may do as you will, Lucifer. You are the creator now.”

“Then, I will create paradise.”

“But who shall enjoy it? asked God through Metatron.

“I shall.”

“And when you grow lonely?”

“I shall not grow lonely. I will always have You.”

“But what if I take My Light away from you?”

“Then I would never forgive you.” replied Lucifer, staring into the eyes of God.

“But I forgave you.”

“But I am not You.” said Lucifer as he lifted a lump of clay from the ground, forming it in the image of a man. As he looked into the eye sockets he formed with his thumbs, he imagined what the creature he made would be like. Lucifer crushed the clay back into the earth angrily. “I cannot make something that will not turn its back on me. They will do to me as I have done to you!” shouted Lucifer, not realizing that Metatron was gone.

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