The 1,000 Word Challenge

Hello Readers,

I have an idea. I call it the 1,000 word challenge. I don’t know if you have noticed, but several of my posts run about 1,000 words long. I usually do that so a reader can get a bit of fun and excitement, taste the story, and come back later for a bit more. Well, the thing is, I seldomn write a complete story that is only 1,000 words long. Now, this is where you’re going to come in.

You know how they say that a picture is worth 1,000 words? What I’d like you to do is leave a comment and either leave a picture in it, or link to a picture. Then, during the month of August, I will write four 1,000 word stories inspired by 4 of those pictures.

Are you in on this? It could be a fun time.

Thank You for Reading and (Hopefully) Participating!



About harrylthompsonjr

I'm a writer, a photographer, and a lover of role playing games. I've moved my blog to wordpress in hopes of actually getting some feedback. We'll see :)
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5 Responses to The 1,000 Word Challenge

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ll be back to post links.

  2. Missie says:

    Pick a card, any card, lol…

    and of course, I have to offer…

  3. harrylthompsonjr says:

    Ooooh… so many possibilities… I’m all giddy!


  4. Sarah says:

    First I have this….

    Also have this to offer…

    I need to pop onto lappy to link the other one I have in mind. So I’ll be back.

  5. Derrick says:

    I have only one thing for you, for you need no others.

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